Patrick Womack – BMW DriverJill has provided first class service at great prices as long as I have known her and the F.A.S.T line of products, every one of my cars has her complete cooling system, to get out of a car after an hour and a half enduro at the Glen on a very hot summer day and have my competitors comment on how fresh I looked says it all! Clean fresh air to breath as well as a cool core helps you concentrate. The best!

Patrick Womack BMW Driver

Chas Long – Bill Riley“Jill is a great person to work with. Our team was well supported by Jill and her company. Thanks Jill, Looking forward to a good 2009 season.” February 27, 2009

Chas Long Contracted as Gearbox/Sub-assemblies Coordinator, Riley Technologies

“Jill is smart and on-the-ball. She is a long-time business associate and friend, and has always been a tremendous supporter of my racing endeavors.” June 29, 2009

Randy Pobst

“Jill’s business has thrived on the basis of extraordinary product and service. However, what is most noteworthy is her knowledge and familiarity with the racing community and it’s members. She excels at networking and connecting people and is always a joy to work alongside.” March 8, 2009

Scott Whitehead Crew Chief (Grand-Am Series), Rehagen Racing

“Jill is extremely likable while at the same time professional and efficient. Always quick to respond in a clear and concise manner. A true pleasure to work with.” February 26, 2009

MacKenzie Horn General Manager CDOC

Jim Kasprzak - Kaz Technologies

I was one of the drivers of the Chump Car Probe with Bill Riley this weekend at Savannah.  It was the first time I had used one of your FAST cool suits.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!  I drove Saturday from noon until 2:00, and was able to run as fast at the end of the stint as the beginning.  It was the first time I have driven in hot weather that I was not totally drained when I got out of the car.

Jim Kasprzak Kaz Technologies / GM Racing

“Jill runs a very clean operation outside of Chicago with a quality product line that keeps an individual cool, comfortable and sharp either in the operating room or within the intensity of motorsports. I have suggested Jill’s products to many friends as it is truly a benefit.” February 26, 2009

Chris Inglot Porsche Club Driver

“I have worked with Jill for several years in both the ALMS and Grand Am series. She is professional, personable and dedicated.” February 26, 2009

Nick Olson Manager GT Race   AP Racing

“Jill is incredibly bright and talented. She is closely involved with her business and has the skills to run the day to day operations in a way that benefits both her clients and her balance sheet! I would not hesitate to get involved in a business (or friendly!) relationship with her.

Amy Weiss Thompson C.P.A. Weiss & Thompson, P.C.

F.A.S.T. is top notch. Jill and her team are quick, precise and efficient with their orders. Customer service is second to none and the stock the best. If you haven’t tried driving with a cool suit, you should. You will never go back, even when it’s not that hot outside. Even in 65 degree weather, it helps improve my awareness and driving on track.

Charles Margosian

Doug Smith - F.A.S.T ShirtIt’s not a cool shirt, It’s a F.A.S.T. Shirt!

Doug Smith

Graham JonesThe most important part of any style of racing is finding the small things that will put you ahead of your competitors.  As a crew chief, my job is to find those little things.The ADRL is an unlimited-style drag racing league, where there is no weight limit.  The 2009 season was our first with the ADRL, and it was a wild ride.  This was our first season racing on alcohol and when racing with alcohol the driver needs breathing assistance.  I purchased the FAST Composite Supplied Air System and it worked flawlessly to aid the driver in breathing.

Being that our races only last about 4 seconds, I was able to use the system to supply the majority of the air to the driver, along with a charcoal filtered helmet.  This allowed the driver to breathe cleaner air during the race while still having enough reserve in the event of a fire.

During testing with our new engine, we suffered two severe fires starting in the engine compartment.  The entire car is made of carbon fiber, and when burned it creates an extremely dangerous, noxious, smoke that can severely harm anyone breathing it.  When questioned after the fires, my driver said he never smelled anything at all other than fresh air.

Graham JonesAfter the grueling 2009 championship and record-setting season, I knew there was a target on our backs.  In an effort to cut weight out of the car, I purchased the Composite Supplied Air System.  The carbon system has a larger bottle and is slightly heavier which seems like it would defeat the purpose of buying it.  I used the system a little differently than the intended purpose, which cut the weight out of other areas.

Our car used compressed carbon dioxide to operate the parachutes, boost controller, and shocks.  To cut the weight out, I used the fresh air system to supply pressurized air to the aforementioned items.  The carbon bottles have a different valve assembly than the composite bottles, which allowed me to use the FAST regulator for the driver, and a small, lightweight, regulator that would regulate the bottle pressure for the other air system on the car.

Modifying the air system to do double-duty netted me a gain of nine pounds.  While this may not sound like much, it’s a huge find when working on a state-of-the-art race car with all lightweight components.

Graham Jones Crew Chief Spiro Pappas Racing