F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Systems

F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Systems

F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Systems We, at F.A.S.T., believe that every driver should have the tools to be a FAST driver!  By choosing a F.A.S.T. cool suit system for your race car, you will essentially have an edge on the track.  You will lower your body temperature, find that your response time is quicker, your endurance greater and your mind clear to make the right choices to help you win that race!  Please, have a look at our products and know that you are getting the finest components available in cool suit technology.

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Fresh Air Systems

Driver Air/Blowers

Driver Air/Blowers F.A.S.T. is the brand of choice in helmet blowers in almost every venue of racing.  We build them for dirt, asphalt and drag racing.  Keep your head cool and your air filtered for maximum stamina in your car.

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Helmet Services

Helmet Services

Helmet Services Our claim to fame at F.A.S.T. is converting any helmet to an air helmet!  We have been adding air to helmets for almost 30 years now.  Send your helmet into our shop and we can add left side air to any current Snell rated helmet

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Thermal Insulation

Accessories - Parts

Accessories – Parts All F.A.S.T. product kits are also available individually.  Please find shirts, hoses, mounting brackets, replacement filters or anything else you might need to complete and air system or cool suit system.

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