MS Vest Cool Suit

We, at F.A.S.T., believe that every driver should have the tools to be a FAST driver! By choosing a F.A.S.T. cool suit system for your race car, you will essentially have an edge on the track. You will lower your body temperature, find that your response time is quicker, your endurance greater and your mind clear to make the right choices to help you win that race! Please, have a look at our products and know that you are getting the finest components available in cool suit technology.

F.A.S.T.'s MS Vest is made of premium grade polyester custom-sized (S-XXXL) with a hood for cooling to the head and extra cooling through the next area to cover the carotid artery (keeps head and core body cool).  The FAST MS Vest has over 50 feet of small capillary water tubing on the front and back, which separates the shirt into 4 equal cooling zones for maximum coverage. Each shirt has two medical grade connectors that connect to our cooling system. 


"Zone Cooling"

We use “Zone Cooling” by bringing four equal cooling zones to the shirt, you feel maximum cooling. All of our F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Shirts are HANS Friendly!

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