Carbon X

F.A.S.T. is the original “Blue Tube Shirt” and the industry leader in cooling and comfort. Our CarbonX shirt, which has red tubing, has over 50 feet of small capillary water tubing on the front and back, which separates the shirt into 4 equal cooling zones for maximum coverage. Each shirt has two medical grade connectors that connect to our cooling system.   F.A.S.T. offers more tubing per shirt than any other manufacturer and is designed to work in conjunction with HANS devices and other mandated safety devices.

**CarbonX Textile T-shirts are manufactured with Patented CarbonX Textiles from proprietary and inherently nonflammable fibers produced by Chapman Thermal Products. CarbonX Textile T-shirts are heat and flame resistant and wick moisture off your body with very minimal moisture retention in the fabric itself. Available in Black, long sleeve only (Head And Neck System COMPATIBLE).

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"Zone Cooling"

We use “Zone Cooling” by bringing four equal cooling zones to the shirt, you feel maximum cooling. All of our F.A.S.T. Cool Suit Shirts are HANS Friendly!

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